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Renting with us

Our Property Management team at Amato Real Estate consists of Sarah-Jane Turek and Kristy Stockton.  Both Sarah-Jane and Kristy are happy to help you find the ideal property.

There is a high demand for Rental Properties in Leeton and surrounding areas, we have implemented a Pre- Approval process for you to secure a property with us.  This process involves completing one of our application forms and lodging this application to our office either in person, via email or by fax.

You can download our application form or come into our office and speak with one of our friendly team members and they will help you with your application.

Some important tips to help you secure a property with Amato Real Estate are:

Reference letters:

Any reference letter that you can provide from a previous Landlord or your employer will help you provide a history of renting and or proof of employment.

Photo Identification:

By providing photo identification we are able to confirm that you are who you say you are.


By providing us with your payslips or a record of saving you can demonstrate to us that you are financially secure and able to pay the required rent for the property.

Pet Reference:

Having a reference from a neighbour, veterinary service and your current landlord regarding the behaviour of your pet and a statement concerning the condition of the property that you have lived in whilst having a pet, will help us in securing your chance to have a pet.

Rental Ledger/ Rent Receipts:

By providing us with a current or pervious rental ledger or rental receipts, you are able to provide evidence that you are able to keep to your agreed rental payments.  This is one on the most important documents that you will need in your application and it is highly regarded by all of our landlords.

Tips for the home owner wishing to rent:

If you currently own your own home or are paying a mortgage on a home and have no rental history we suggest that you provide the following material in your application.

Rates Notice from council, Mortgage statement showing your repayments, Title Deed for your current property. If your property is on the market then a reference from the Agent who has the contract of sale to your property.

Once you have been pre-approved by our office we will contact you to arrange a viewing of the properties you have been successful for. 

As the rental market is in high demand a viewing of a property is not a guarantee that you will be successful in obtaining a lease for the property.