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Property Management

Amato Real Estate is dedicated to the management of your property.  With our well trained staff we believe that we are best suited to help minimise the stress that comes with owning an investment property.

We currently manage approximately 400 Properties, these include commercial, residential and industrial.

What we can do for you

Find the right tenant

Finding the right tenant for your property is key to successful property management, having the right tenant helps eliminate the stress of knowing how your property is cared for.  Our 100 pt screening process allows us to find the right tenant for you.

Routine Inspections

With routine inspections you can be assured that we know how your property is being cared for, not only do we do routine inspections our dedicated staff are constantly looking at our properties on a regular basis from the outside to see that the yards are maintained.

Maintenance and Repairs

When repair and maintenance is required we will endeavour to provide the best possible solution to the situation.  We will provide you with the knowledge that the professional contractors we use will do the best job at the best price.  Almost all of our contractors are local and they strive to help us in a timely and professional manner.  You will always be contacted in relation to any repair or maintenance that your property may require.

Rent Collection

Tenants are required at the commencement of their tenancy to provide us with Four weeks rent which is forwarded to the Rental bond Board and two weeks rent in advance.  We suggest to all tenants that if possible they try to keep their rent in advance at all times.

Tenants can either pay via direct deposit, by cash or cheque to our office.  If a tenant gets behind in their rent you can be assured we will endeavour to do our best to render the situation as soon as possible.

For all rates and fees please contact one of our property management staff and they will assist you further with any information you may require about renting you property.